February 26, 2020
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How to Setup Broadlink RF – Easy Step-by-Step Guide For Home Automation

Broadlink is a Chinese smart home appliance manufacturer. BroadLink products provide basic home automation at affordable prices. These products enable you to control your home anywhere you are and any time you want. BroadLink is proving to be a game-changer in the remote control field.


All installation of Broadlink device, management of household electrical appliances is done through the Intelligent Home Center app (referred to as ihc), available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. Click the corresponding link to install this application on your phone or tablet, register an account and log in.

The first time you run the application will ask for permission, give it full permission when asked by clicking Yes.

You must turn on Bluetooth, Location of the phone to install Broadlink device. The device only works with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network, does not support 5Ghz network. If your home router is broadcasting these two networks in the same name, temporarily turn off the 5Ghz network to install Broadlink devices.

Open the box and plug in the power of Broadlink device, set Broadlink within the Wi-Fi coverage area you want the device to connect to. Your phone must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Broadlink RM Pro + has a charger attached, and Broadlink RM Mini 3, you need to use an external charger, phone charger to be able to use.

The first time the power is plugged in, the LED on the device will blink briefly blue indicating that the device is in Setup Mode. If not, take a reset button and hold for a few seconds until the LED blinks and release.

Next, open the ihc app, click the + sign on the top right and select Add device.

Next select Universal Remotes

Broadlink list appears, select the corresponding device you want to install, RM Pro + or RM Mini 3. Example using RM Mini 3.

The next screen prompts you to check whether the LED lights on the device are blinking continuously or not. At the same time, Current NET will display the Wi-Fi connection the phone is using. You can change the Wi-Fi network if needed before continuing.

Enter Wi-Fi password then Next.

Ihc will immediately connect to the Broadlink device and push the configuration parameters. At this time, the LED on the device will blink slowly, indicating the status of connecting to Wi-Fi. Wait for a few seconds, the LED on Broadlink will stop flashing which means the device has finished installing.

Enter the device name, select location and click Done to finish.

In ihc’s main management interface, click on the connected Broadlink device, RM pro + or RM Mini 3.

The home appliances that Broadlink supports will appear, of course in this step we will choose the TV. If you do not see this list, click Add appliance at the bottom of the screen.

The top search box appears for you to enter the TV brand name, below lists the common manufacturers. For example, I choose Samsung.

Wait a few seconds for ihc to download all the remote configurations of the selected TV series. Ihc then asks you to turn the TV off using the TV remote. Click Yes, my TV is off after turning off.

Make sure the Broadlink device is close to the TV and the two devices can see each other easily. Now you will select the available configurations to check your TV model type, as shown below, you can see Samsung has 17 different configurations.

Press the orange button in the center of the screen to see if the TV responds. If the TV is turned on, select Yes, otherwise select No to move to the next configuration.

Press Yes, you will be moved to the next screen to check the other buttons on the control, including volume, channel up and down …

After checking, press Done to complete the installation process of Broadlink controlling Samsung TV.

Next, you will configure Broadlink to learn the commands for other buttons on the TV remote. Click I’m ready to continue. This step is optional, you can click Cancel if you do not want to. However, you should let Broadlink learn the full command to be able to control the full functionality of the TV.

Return to the ihc main screen, you will see the TV has been added to the device list. Click to display the basic features, click More to display the full function of the control.

The procedure for installing Broadlink device to control Air conditioner is similar to TV, even easier because you only need to press a power button to link Broadlink manufacturer and model of the device.

Open the ihc app, in the main management interface, click on the connected Broadlink device, RM pro + or RM Mini 3.

The home appliances that Broadlink supports will appear, of course in this step we choose Air conditioner. If you do not see this list, click Add appliance at the bottom of the screen.

The top search box appears for you to enter the name of the air conditioner manufacturer, below lists the popular manufacturers that Broadlink supports. For example, I choose Panasonic.

Next ihc asks you to point the control to the Broadlink device and then press the power button. The purpose of the device to recognize the air conditioner model and to give the corresponding control buttons.

Wait for a few seconds, if no problem occurs, you will receive a notice of adding air conditioner to Broadlink successfully. Select location and click Done to finish.

The Panasonic air conditioner console appears, with the buttons almost as full as on the real remote control.

Broadlink is very well supporting the control of TV and Air Conditioning devices through the two most popular virtual assistants today, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

All connection and management operations are performed on 2 applications: Amazon Alexa and ihc. Open the Amazon Alexa app, press menu, select Skills.

In the search skill box enter the “ihc” and click the Enable button to activate the skill called BroadLink Smart Home.

A new window appears, click Confirm, Next to login to Broadlink account and give Alexa permission.

Notice successful linking between Broadlink and Alexa appear, click Done to close this window.

Next Alexa needs to scan the entire device to update new devices from Broadlink, press DISCOVER DEVICES button or speak “Alexa, discover devices”.

Wait a few minutes, the devices you have added on ihc will appear in the menu, Smart Home of Amazon Alexa application.

Now you can ask Alexa to turn off and turn on the device by speaking the command: “Alexa, turn on / off {device name}”.

To use Google Assistant with Broadlink, you need to make sure your phone has the Google Home app installed.

Open Google Home, click the Account icon at the bottom right of the screen, select (Set up or add) > (Set up device) > (Works with Google)

To link to Broadlink, scroll down to find the device named ihc, click on it, select Confirm, Next and log into your Broadlink account to confirm the link.

If successful, you will see the message Logging in… then all Broadlink devices will appear for you to add to each existing room. Click the mark X to close this screen.

Now you can ask Google Assistant to turn off and turn on the device by issuing the command: “Hey Google, turn on / off + {device name}” okay.


Hopefully, through this article, you will be more confident in deploying smart homes with products from Broadlink. Do not forget to order equipment through link from my site to support me. If there is any problem, please leave a comment below for further assistance.

Good luck.

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